Contingency Recruitment

Contingency recruitment is known as a non-exclusive agreement between the client and recruitment agency. This means the company requiring the candidate can use multiple agencies to try and find a hire

The recruitment agency or contractor is only paid if the organisation provides a candidate they discovered. Typically, the recruiting fee is around 20% – 25% of the salary of the position filled depending on the industry.

Impax have been a choice for many companies looking to fill roles. We have a team that is on hand to find any candidate at any time. Most companies that start off using Impax as a contingency recruiter develop a deep relationship with us. We always endeavour to find the best solutions for our clients.

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Retained Search

When you need to hire senior level employees who are critical to your company's success, you can expect guaranteed results. You pay us a flat fee for our undivided attention to your hiring needs. We work exclusively to create the job description, review salaries, establish candidate portfolios, create clear recruitment project plans, and collect candidate data, so you can be confident that we conducted a thorough and quality search. 

Inhouse Growth

When you need to appoint ten or more people quickly, this is the best option. You pay us a monthly fee to keep our recruiters on your team full-time, onsite, or remotely. We create job descriptions, work as an internal recruitment team with founders or your Human resources department, and represent your brand in the industry.

Recruitment Advisor

Recommended for start-up founders and Organisations who wish to generate a strategy for talent acquisition and obtain more exposure for their brand as soon as possible. We develop comprehensive talent acquisition strategies and employer branding so that you will be certain of your capacity to employ at scale.