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Our Specialisation

Software Developers

Software developers are responsible for the planning, design, coding, testing and maintenance of computer programs.

Executive Management

Executives are the highest level of management in an organisation. They are responsible for planning, leading and controlling a business.

Risk and Compliance

The risk and compliance department are responsible for helping to protect a company from risks related to legal matters.


Marketers are responsible for developing and executing strategies to promote brands, products and services, maximising profits for the company.


Sales will often involve actively selling your company’s products or services. Working in sales will require excellent people skills.

Data and Analytics

Data analysts collect, systematise and interpret statistical information to assist colleagues and clients to help them make decisions.

Bridging the hiring gap

We understand.

You are at the forefront of technological advancements. Your company is bringing a project to life that is already changing the world as we see it. The problem is, you can’t do it alone.  Your team must grow in order to support your ambitions, but sifting through the crypto industry’s limited talent pool is time intensive, and hiring the wrong person is an expensive investment.

This is where Impax Recruitment can bridge the gap.

We recognise how essential each specific member of your team is to your company values and success, and we strive to connect you with the appropriate people the first time. We will be able to identify the right person for your team and communicate effectively, as to why working with your organisation, is the next step in their career by looking beyond the job description, to the “why” of your company, your internal culture, as well as what makes you exemplary.

Building technologies that will ultimately change the world is difficult enough. Allow Impax Recruitment to optimise your recruiting process, while you concentrate on meeting your corporate goals.


Your Vision, Culture, Staffing needs


Candidates that are a great fit for your goals.


Top Candidate to help you reach your Crypto Goals.

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IT Solutions Integration Specialist

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