Founding AI / LLM Engineer

Company Name:

Impax Recruitment


United States / Canada / Europe



Available Position:

Founding AI / LLM Engineer

Work Type:

Permanent/Full Time

Job Description:

Lead the design, development, and deployment of our generative AI capabilities, with a focus on enabling the friendly, engaging, human-centered experiences that use them.

Combine prompt engineering, model selection, hyperparameter configuration, model fine-tuning, data retrieval, and code to enable key product features

Develop and maintain services that leverage our large language model capabilities, with a heavy emphasis on Python and TypeScript

Work alongside a talented team of entrepreneurs, engineers, subject matter experts, and external stakeholders to deeply understand requirements, design architectures to fit current and future needs, communicate scope and tradeoffs, and implement features.

Mentor other engineers and product teams on best practices in generative AI technology

Integrate your systems with our data pipelines, APIs and web services, and our other product capabilities.

Build clean, maintainable, efficient, and well-documented products and supporting architectures, with continuous testing and monitoring capabilities at their core

Consulting on team hiring and other resource needs and mentoring more junior engineers

Collaborate with the team to troubleshoot, debug and fix issues in production systems.

Perform code reviews, identify key testable areas of the stack, and ensure adherence to good engineering practices.

Additional Information:

Diverse experience prompting and building experiences using GPT and other LLMs, and building product experiences on top of them

Experience with LLM tooling and frameworks like LangChain, LlamaIndex, Langfuse, etc

5+ years of experience as a senior-level product engineer and/or architect

Strong experience prototyping, hacking, and integrating across all parts of the stack

Strong proficiency in Python, TypeScript, and React, with a love for building vertically within the stack.

Familiarity with broader machine learning concepts and where they are applicable

A desire to immerse yourself and engage with customers and users to deeply understand their problems and context, and to incorporate their feedback into the design process

Excellent problem-solving skills, with a focus on efficient and performant solutions.

Well-practiced experience with end-to-end testing, unit testing, and production monitoring of your code.

Experience in early-stage startups (or similarly-structured teams) where you’ve had to wear multiple hats and collaborate closely with multiple teams & disciplines.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills with an ability to create clarity from ambiguity

Able to work independently with minimal supervision.

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