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Accounting Is Changing

AccountingTech has taken over bookkeeping, payroll, audits, tax preparation, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Accounting technology enables accountants to work more efficiently, provide superior service, and contribute to business success. These solutions enable accountants to complete previously manual tasks in a fraction of the time, minimising human error and freeing up time for more value-added work.

Because AI and RPA have taken over routine tasks like client onboarding, businesses now have more time to focus on innovative problem solving or nurturing client relationships. Accounting technology also assists accounting firms in acquiring a competitive advantage and levelling the playing field, allowing smaller firms to compete with industry giants.

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Supporting Financial Transparency

Our two main sectors; Open banking and digital banking have significantly altered how we interact with our bank accounts and how we see and manage our money. Users of digital banks may manage every aspect of their account via a mobile app or online application. Customers get a fully digital banking experience because the idea is based on the assumption that there are no actual bank offices.

Assistance of different money management websites and applications that use your financial data to give individualised service have been made possible by the rise in the usage of open banking. Through competition and innovation, open banking hopes to improve the financial services industry’s offerings to both businesses and consumers.

In the end, open banking simplifies financial procedures, making them quicker and more efficient, enabling users to better manage their funds.

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Blockchain Is Revolutionising

Blockchain technology, which is commonly linked with helping to develop bitcoin and other crypto-assets, has had a revolutionary influence in a variety of ways. Blockchain technology is one of the primary technologies driving and fuelling the FinTech sector, from digitising old financial operations into processes with enhanced security, efficiency, and transparent governance to allowing inclusive and secure corporate networks.

Blockchain, as one of the primary disruptors in the FinTech business, will generate a plethora of opportunities. Our blockchain recruiters have a deep and technical understanding of the blockchain industry and can swiftly identify the essential and transferrable talents even in the face of ever-changing trends.

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Cryptocurrency Is the Biggest Disruptor to Innovation

Opportunities for a wide range of skill sets, from journalists to engineers, have been created by the Bitcoin revolution. The time is now to use your abilities in the cryptocurrency industry.

Hard skills like Java, machine learning, Python, artificial intelligence (AI), C/C++, Node.js, and Amazon web services are frequently listed as requirements for jobs in the cryptocurrency sector. Non-techies can also take use of the prospects. Employers place a high importance on applicants who possess soft skills like problem-solving, communication, and creativity as well as those who are self-starters, driven individuals, and team players.

Jobs in the crypto industry range from web developers to financial analysts to data scientists. If you are enthusiastic in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, you may be able to get a skilled position based on your training, expertise, and experience.

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Making Your Front Office Tech Needs More Simple

As a result of new technology and quickly evolving client behaviours and expectations, the distinctions between customer service, sales, and marketing have started to blur. The front office is under pressure from today’s clients, prompting the convergence of conventional tasks into a new operational model.

By incorporating customer awareness and benefit into all aspects of the business, top front-office organisations have started to effectively respond. Even in the face of constantly shifting trends, our knowledgeable consultants can immediately pinpoint the essential and transferrable abilities due to their in-depth technical knowledge of the front office tech industry.

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Making Your Middle Office Tech Needs More Simple

As technology and business transactions developed and became more complicated over time, a middle office became necessary. In order to make sure the organisation complies with regulations, it also covers risk management, mitigation, and profit and loss estimates.

Fast-growing organisations are now able to carry out their ever-evolving go-to-market strategy thanks to middle office technologies. Our knowledgeable consultants have a strong technical understanding of the middle office IT industry and can immediately identify the necessary and transferrable skills, even in the face of constantly evolving trends.

We link mid-level, senior, and executive individuals in sectors ranging from health insurance to home insurance with InsurTech start-ups and scale-ups. Contact one of our knowledgeable InsurTech recruiters right away if you’re seeking for senior, mission-driven talent to run your business.

Enhancing the Efficiency of Insurance for Everyone

Disruptive and creative technology has recently benefited the insurance sector. This change has made it possible to put in place a dynamic pricing structure, that is dependent on consumer behaviour and market conditions. Consumers and organisations can take care of their insurance needs quickly, easily, and plainly thanks to insurTech.

We understand the need to create InsurTech teams made up of people who support this forward-thinking innovation as finance becomes more sophisticated, effective, and inclusive.

As recruitment experts for the lending industry, we link vital talent for specialised FinTechs that use P2P lending and other financing options to empower the underbanked population. In order to help you scale your startup, be sure to contact our team.

Facilitating Financial Inclusion

The development of FinTech lending has aided in making corporate funding and consumer loans more accessible. As financial technology and FinTechs expand to shape the lending environment, the lending subsector has exploded in popularity as a viable alternative to traditional financial institutions among the underserved population. The development of FinTech technologies will continue to dominate the lending sector’s future and prosperity.

From electronic bank transfers, mobile payments to purchase now, pay later, we link payments start-ups and scale-ups with mid-level, senior, and executive employees. If you are looking for senior, mission-driven people to head your Payments organisation, contact one of our specialised consultants now.

Improving Payments for Everybody

In recent years, the world’s payment system has altered considerably. Consumers have become accustomed to doing nearly everything online, hastening digital change and the adoption of new behaviours. Payments, as a low-cost, rapid, and secure method of payment, encourage inclusive growth by allowing the financially excluded to take control of their payment process.

We recognise the need to establish payments teams with individuals that advocate progressive innovation as finance becomes more advanced, efficient, and inclusive.

We integrate RegTech start-ups and scale-ups with mid-level, senior, and executive personnel specialising in everything from credit card fraud detection to customer data management. If you’re searching for senior, mission-driven talent to head your FinTech, contact one of our specialised RegTech recruiters immediately.

Helping You in Meeting Financial Regulations

As the digital landscape has changed, so have data breaches, cyber intrusions, money-laundering, and other criminal activities. RegTech tries to overcome the issues of a technology-driven economy through automation.

We see the need to build RegTech teams made of professionals who advocate supporting businesses in complying with laws in an efficient and cost-effective manner as regulatory processes in the financial industry advance.

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Making Your Saas Needs More Simple

Cloud computing and SaaS have come a long way in a short amount of time. The emergence of SaaS Integration Platforms (SIPs) such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) has resulted from increased awareness and usage of SaaS products.

As firms adopt diverse SaaS services, long-term partnerships with service providers will grow, leading to innovation as customers’ growing needs are identified and satisfied. Our expert consultants have a detailed and technical understanding of the SaaS sector and can swiftly identify the necessary and transferrable abilities, especially in the face of ever-changing trends.

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Meeting Your Wealth Management Expectations

WealthTech, or Wealth Technology, is one of the most popular and rapidly developing subsectors of FinTech. WealthTech has made investing and/or saving easier and more accessible to the average consumer with well-designed and easy-to-use apps. Say goodbye to fighter jet-like interfaces and scheduling visits with your local investment banker to see your money grow.

Enter automated financial, neobrokers, trading platforms, and a slew of other innovations. With investing as simple as downloading an app and having AI manage your portfolio, it is no wonder that WealthTechs have struck a chord with consumers, with a surge in demand. To continue this, there is a clear demand for FinTech talent with a focus on WealthTech.