Our Services

We are a group of optimistic Crypto Recruitment Enthusiasts with a global service reach. Given this focus, we bring the most expertise and industry knowledge to your staffing challenges. We understand what you require and know where to find the people who can deliver for you.

Retained Search

When you need to hire senior level employees who are critical to your company's success, you can expect guaranteed results. You pay us a flat fee for our undivided attention to your hiring needs. We work exclusively to create the job description, review salaries, establish candidate portfolios, create clear recruitment project plans, and collect candidate data, so you can be confident that we conducted a thorough and quality search. 

Contingency Recruitment

When your normal recruitment methods of agencies, job boards, and in-house have not been successful, we work with you to find the employees you need. The contingency search model allows one or more companies to be engaged at the same time without clients paying upfront fees and without a guarantee of placement. Impax will endeavour to fill every role, no matter how difficult they can be.

Inhouse Growth

When you need to appoint ten or more people quickly, this is the best option. You pay us a monthly fee to keep our recruiters on your team full-time, onsite, or remotely. We create job descriptions, work as an internal recruitment team with founders or your Human resources department, and represent your brand in the industry.

Recruitment Advisor

Recommended for start-up founders and Organisations who wish to generate a strategy for talent acquisition and obtain more exposure for their brand as soon as possible. We develop comprehensive talent acquisition strategies and employer branding so that you will be certain of your capacity to employ at scale.

Fund Raising

Are you a Crypto Project looking for funding or are you looking to invest into projects? Impax Recruitment is uniquely positioned to connect new projects with potential investors in the space, thanks to our extensive networks across the crypto landscape, including our own private networks of Crypto investors.

Impax Recruitment is in the unique position of having strong relationships throughout the cryptocurrency world, including defi, Blockchain gaming, layer 1 and 2 solutions, NFT’s, and so on. We are also in close connection with some of the largest cryptocurrency wealth management companies. If you are looking to invest into the space but don’t have the time, this might be for you.

Please send us a private message if you want to learn more about this service.