Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

Data analysts collect, systematise and interpret statistical information to assist colleagues and clients to help them make decisions.

A data analyst collects, cleans, and interprets data sets in order to answer a question or solve a problem. In blockchain, web3 and Cryptocurrency, there has been a large demand for analysts.

Many businesses have traditionally analysed data within their own divisions, which can lead to a gap in big-picture items and understanding consumer behaviour. Increasing volumes of data are required for businesses to acquire insights to improve branding. The success of data and analytics positions is responsible for optimising and informing how businesses run. Companies have been looking to optimise how their organisation functions in order to compete in a growing market.

Data and analytics at the board level are required for leadership to be active in a company’s vision. Data and analytics are then used to influence company choices and instil innovation that transforms the organisation’s infrastructure. Without these roles, there may be a significant shortage of talent required to process consumer needs successfully.

Impax have placed many qualified candidates in this sector, some of them listed below:

Chief Data Officer

Growth Analyst

Senior Data Scientist

Business Intelligence Analyst

Product Data Scientist

Blockchain Data Analyst