Inhouse Growth

Usually with in house recruitment, a company will hire full time recruiters to do their hiring on a daily basis. This alleviates the need for the use of an external agency. The problem with this, is the in-house recruiter will be paid a salary and can be overwhelmed by how many hires the company needs in short spaces of time. Using an agency like Impax will be cost and time efficient, meaning your organisation can focus on other things that will grow the company.

Having our team at your disposal all the time will allow us to connect with the culture of the company, therefore when we hire candidates, they will be a great fit. Our pool of next generational talent is extensive, which means we can find the candidates needed much quicker than someone working alone in house. Overall, this a great option for anyone who would like to grow the company and not have to worry about filling the jobs required to make this happen.

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Retained Search

When you need to hire senior level employees who are critical to your company's success, you can expect guaranteed results. You pay us a flat fee for our undivided attention to your hiring needs. We work exclusively to create the job description, review salaries, establish candidate portfolios, create clear recruitment project plans, and collect candidate data, so you can be confident that we conducted a thorough and quality search. 

Contingency Recruitment

When your normal recruitment methods of agencies, job boards, and in-house have not been successful, we work with you to find the employees you need. The contingency search model allows one or more companies to be engaged at the same time without clients paying upfront fees and without a guarantee of placement. Impax will endeavour to fill every role, no matter how difficult they can be.

Recruitment Advisor

Recommended for start-up founders and Organisations who wish to generate a strategy for talent acquisition and obtain more exposure for their brand as soon as possible. We develop comprehensive talent acquisition strategies and employer branding so that you will be certain of your capacity to employ at scale.