Retained Search

Retained search is one of our many focuses as a company. This is because we can create deep relationships with our clients and really get an idea of what kind of candidates you need. Retained searches are also known as exclusive agreement between the two parties. This means the client can only use one agency to fill their roles.

Retained executive search relationships are generally more consultative in nature, with time and resources invested to gain a comprehensive understanding of a client’s business, the inner workings of companies, their strategic objectives, upper management thought processes, how the companies are structured, how the person or people will integrate within the organisation, and the prevailing culture are also discussed. Because of the more rigorous nature of the task, retained firms generally limit the number of clients they can correctly service at any given time. Retained relationships are more likely to develop into long-term partnerships.

Impax have a vast understanding of the candidates required in an organisation. We have tons of experience placing these people in roles all across the world. Our clients trust us due to our transparent approach and dedication to find the right people.

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Contingency Recruitment

When your normal recruitment methods of agencies, job boards, and in-house have not been successful, we work with you to find the employees you need. The contingency search model allows one or more companies to be engaged at the same time without clients paying upfront fees and without a guarantee of placement. Impax will endeavour to fill every role, no matter how difficult they can be.

Inhouse Growth

When you need to appoint ten or more people quickly, this is the best option. You pay us a monthly fee to keep our recruiters on your team full-time, onsite, or remotely. We create job descriptions, work as an internal recruitment team with founders or your Human resources department, and represent your brand in the industry.

Recruitment Advisor

Recommended for start-up founders and Organisations who wish to generate a strategy for talent acquisition and obtain more exposure for their brand as soon as possible. We develop comprehensive talent acquisition strategies and employer branding so that you will be certain of your capacity to employ at scale.