Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance

The risk and compliance department are responsible for helping to protect a company from risks related to legal matters.

They commonly work with a variety of different departments to ensure that the company is operating as safely and securely as possible. Risk and compliance analysts may also be tasked with creating reports or other documentation about their findings.

They understand and have expertise with Risk and other Prudential regulatory regulations, and they can manage and conduct compliance investigations. They work together with members of the C-suite to generate metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for reporting throughout the account lifetime.

As a Risk and Compliance recruitment agency, we have access to some of the finest risk and compliance talent in the market. Impax has a dedicated team of consultants who combine leading risk and compliance talent with the most progressive companies to create exclusive teams, ranging from Chief Compliance Officers to Senior Compliance Managers.

We have hired for many of these roles in the past, some include:

AML Analyst

Associate Director for Banking Compliance

Chief Compliance Officer

Compliance/AML Training Consultant

Compliance Associate

Director of Compliance

Fraud Investigator

Global Head of Compliance‚Äč

Head of Compliance

Head of Compliance and Risk

Head of KYC Client on-boarding team

KYC/BSA Analyst

Risk and Regulatory Compliance Manager

Regional Head of Compliance

Senior Compliance Officer